There seems to have been a lot of discussion about the Bakery, or Bakery/Café​, regarding parking, traffic, and now a zoning change.  What is that all about?

There is a long history for the Bakery property.  The Bakery as a business on the property was approved in the year 2000.  Since then the property has changed ownership and the business has grown in popularity thanks to the tireless efforts of the new owners.  Over the past years the size of the footprint of the building, decks, and shaded dining areas has increased to help accomodate the crowds of customers.  These expansions were accomplished via 5 building permits approved over the years.
In 2015 a few concerned local residents pointed out that the Bakery was in the "Limited Commercial Zone" which requires a conditional use permit to operate as a restaurant or bakery.  The conditional use permit also requires off-street parking at the rate of one parking space for each 25 ft² of customer area.  It was obvious that the property could not accomodate the number of off-street parking spaces required for the limited commercial zone.  This called attention to a conundrum for the City.

​Looking into the history of the property, several things became evident:  
  1. In 1999 the property on which the Bakery now stands was created by a lot line shift which changed the lot from fronting on Critchfield to fronting on Wall Street.  The requirement for off-street parking is understandable for property fronting on that section of Critchfield since the right of way is very narrow and does not accomodate on-street parking.  Property fronting on Wall Street has viable on-street parking and could have been changed to "Commercial" zone to be the same as the lot across the alley.  At the time, no one really felt an urgent need for rezoning and so the opportunity went pretty much unnoticed.
  2. In 2000 a business license was issued for the bakery, and in 2001, in addition to the business license, a beer and wine license was issued for the bakery (in neither case was a previously requested off-street parking plan or the limited commercial zone required conditional use permit available as a condition for issuing the permits.  This despite the fact that the original structure building permit was approve with a note to the owner that an off-steet parking plan was also required for the intended use of the property.
  3. Similarly, the business permits were issued for 2002 through 2016 without any conditional use permit on record.
  4. Five building permits, between 2004 and 20015, covered desired improvements and met setbacks and architectural appearance and other requirements for construction, but also had the affect of reducing the amount of space available for off-street parking.  They were all appoved despite the fact that no conditional use permit had been issued.
  5. The Bakery adds to traffic and congestion on that section of Wall Street during their business hours, but even without the Bakery, Wall Street and the continuation up the hill as Airport Road is the busiest street off of Hwy 21 or Hwy 75.  Signage including stop signs and speed limit signs, speed bumps or dips, and most importantly, enforcement, with particular attention to this area, are required to maintain order and assure safety in our community.
The city looked into the application of "Limited Commercial" and saw that for consistency it should be limited to a section of Critchfield and other lots that do not have access or at least not a wide city street that accomodates on-street parking.  We made that change to the land use map for our Comprehensive Plan.  That affected not just the Bakery but other lots on east Ace of Diamonds street.  Tim and Rebecca Cron requested a zoning change to Commercial and Steve Hosac as an owner of property on the east end of Ace of Diamonds requested that his be changed to Commercial as well.

​As you can see the answer, and the whole story, is pretty complex.  For that reason, having pulled together all the history, we put it into a timeline spreadsheet that helps understand the overall perspective.  Click on the ghostly thumbnail image to the upper right to see the "Bakery Timeline", then click on the image (showing a positive magnifying glass) to make the image large enough to read.  Once there, you can pan around the document (using the slider bars on the picture frame), to see all that it covers and study any particular detail.


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