08-30-18 Public Hearing Notice - Proposed budget

09-27-18 Public Hearing Notice - Proposed Amended Budget

The Mayor proclaimed September, 2014, as Wilderness Appreciation Month.

The city passed an ordinance that revised procedures for obtaining a building permit. The discussion paper explains the intent and meaning of the major changes, and answers some of the questions raised during the final hearing and city council meeting during which the ordinance was passed. The Council feels that the new ordinance addresses most of the issues and complaints that have been raised by residents and property owners. Hopefully, these changes will streamline and clarify the building permit process for everyone:

3-13-14 Discussion of Bldg Permits

Memorandum from City Attorney regarding Building Permits

Building Permits Approved by City Clerk:
Permit #: 905 - Mumford, Herb - 1060 Eva Falls Avenue - Replace Roof
Permit #907 - Braun, Chad - 105 Niece Avenue - Replace Roof

Documents currently under revision or review

10-13-16 Land Use Map details for Special Meeting-Public Hearing

Completed Documents for Reference:

Community Information

Stanley Work Force Housing Survey/Self-Employed or Employees

Stanley Work Force Housing Survey/ Business Owners with Employees

Summary of USACE Valley Creek flood study

City of Stanley Comprehensive Plan
Pioneer Park Master Plan

Pioneer Park Master Plan Exhibits

Ordinances recently enacted

Ordinance #202 - Omnibus Revisions

Ordinance #201 - Tiny Houses

Ordinance #200 - Mid Year Appropriation Amendment FY17

Ordinance #199 - Annual Appropriation FY18

Ordinance #198 - Rezone Limited Commercial to Commercial

Ordinance #197 - Annual Appropriation FY 2017

Ordinance #56D-5 - "Local Option Tax"

Ordinance #196 - Omnibus Revisions

Ordinance #195 - Annual Appropriation FY 2016

Ordinance #194 - Amended Appropriation FY15

Ordinance #193 - Annual Appropriation FY 2015

Ordinance #192 - Building Permits FY14

Ordinance #191 - Annual Appropriations FY14

Ordinance #190 - Cemetery

Ordinance #189 - Zoning Changes 2012

Ordinance #188 - Annual Appropriations FY13

Ordinance #187 - Minor Land Divisions, Lot Shifts and Lot Changes

Ordinance #186 - Annual Appropriations Amendment FY12

Ordinance #185 - Annual Appropriations FY12

Ordinance #56D-4 -"Local Option Tax"

Resolutions recently passed

Resolution 2018-4 Pioneer Park Rules and Fees

Resolution 2018-3 Records Custodian

Resolution 2018-2 Building Permits and Tiny House Park Fees

Resolution 2018-1 Outdoor Lighting

Resolution 2017-5 Special Event Parking

Resolution 2017-4 Dark Sky Reserve

Resolution 2017-3 Foregone Tax Amount FY18

Resolution 2017-2 Disaster Declaration

Resolution 2017-1 Disaster Declaration

Resolution 2016-2 - Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment

Resolution 2016-1 - Surplus Property

Resolution 2015-1 Proposed Wilderness

Resolution 2014-3 Road Name Change

Resolution 2014-2, Community Bldg and City Park

Resoluiton 2014-1A Permanent Building Permit Representative

Resolution 2014-1, Building Permit Representative

Resolution 2013-2, Boulder-White Clouds

Resolution 2012-3, Cemetery Fees 

Resolution 2012-2, Fees for Lot Changes

Resolution 2012-1, Prepayment of City Bills

Stanley Geothermal Development Initiative
      Feasibility Study

          SGDI Feasibility Study - Task 1 Report

          SGDI Feasibility Study - Task 2 Report

          SGDI Feasibility Study - Task 3 Report

          SGDI Feasibility Study - Task 4 Report

          SGDI Feasibility Study - Final Report

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